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Tatsiana      Sviryd,    Owner,  General Manager

       Successful  founder and owner of  3 businesses

       Independent coach and inspiring specialist

       Worldwide HR-professional

       Master-degree educated Programmer,

               Physician and Lawyer



 The international recruitment agency MAJORPERSONAL has been successfully and professionally working on the international job market  from 2007. Were located in Minsk which is capital of the Republic of Belarus.

MajorPersonal has  unlimited International Employment License 02010/682 by 04.04.2008 to 04.04.   issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs- outgoing 682).  

The main trends of our recruitment agency are candidates sourcing, candidates selection and contractors seeking.

 Main countries we are  focus:  CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, Qatar, UAE,KSA

Our mission and challenges:

To make you stronger and more competitive one the market with the help of skilled manpower.

To find proper candidate with the professional background, skills and dedicated to your business.

Our guidelines:

recruitment service excellence and professionalism;

clients requirements maximum attention;


open communication and full customers support;

in time and full information providing on candidate;

long-term cooperation focusing and mutually profitable relationship establishing.


executive and Middle Managerial Search;


-hospitality and General Services;

-doctors and medical personnel of all specialists;

-telecom and IT;

-engineering and Construction;


-sport ;

-hair-stylists,nails and cosmetologists;

-health care;


-manufacturing and Distribution;

-sales and financial mangers;


The order fulfillment time should be agreed with the client.

We avoid unproved information providing on any candidate. We select the staff thoroughly using various recruitment and consulting techniques and recommend the best candidates only!



The following documents  are required  to legalization before the application of selected candidates is processed:

1.Copy of companys registration certificate stamped in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Embassy of Belarus .Sample: